Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Saturday Saga Continued...

After listening to our team at last Monday's meeting, discussing with my manager, and emailing our business coach, I actually changed my position on the Saturday deal. Last week I was opposed to a "seniority-based" approach to Saturdays off. I argued that it creates an
"entitlement" attitude and the benefit may go to someone who is less deserving than someone with less seniority. Well, I actually still have those concerns, but I have been convinced that our Saturday policy should be seniority based anyway.

Our manager pointed out that making Saturdays something that can be earned month by month may create unhealthy competition and resentment. We do a lot of fun competitions within the salon (retail contests, upselling, etc.) but not everything needs to be a competition. She argued that Saturdays should be a benefit we offer in appreciate for years of service. As to the concern that someone undeserving will get the days off - if they're undeserving, why are they still working there!? Point taken.

Our business coach Larry urged us to look for a compromise. I really didn't think one existed, but I heeded his advice and looked closer and I think I found one.

Finally, my team members who had the most to gain from a new policy said that all they wanted was a path to earn more Saturdays over time. They just wanted to know that they would eventually have more than 12 Saturdays off a year (hopefully sooner, rather than later).

The plan we decided on in yesterday's meeting is truly a compromise. My three stylists who have more Saturdays off than the rest of the team (and more seniority) are giving up some of their days. This will allow us to adequately staff our Saturdays and implement a seniority based schedule that provides other stylists with additional days as they complete each year of service.

Of course , not everyone is happy, but I feel good about this solution and hope that any hard feelings (or hurt feelings) will be resolved quickly.

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