Saturday, October 27, 2007

Referral Program

Had a great idea at the salon today! A gentleman came in for a haircut and he brought with him his 8th grade daughter. She said that a lot of the boys in her class come to our salon. While she was waiting for him she got on her cellphone and talked and talked and talked. That got me thinking...

We are a men's salon. And it's hard to get guys to talk about where they get their hair cut. But girls - they can talk. So I told Gillian that I'd like to talk to her before her dad gets done. I told her about the rewards program we'll be starting soon and how her dad will be able to earn points and cash them in on services. I told her I was now thinking about having a rewards program for women - after all, they are more likely to refer men to us than other men! So for every friend of Gillian's who comes into our place she will get 1,000 points. When she gets 5,000 points we will send her a gift card for $25 to a popular mall (the award was her idea). For rewards I'm thinking:
5,000 $25
10,000 $60
15,000 $120
20,000 $200
If one woman or girl sends me 20 new clients in a year, I'm only too happy to give her a $200 gift card. So, thanks to Gillian we will be kicking off our Rewards for Her program at the same time we roll out our program for the guys.

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