Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Retail Ideas

We're always on the look-out for new products to retail in our salon. A client recently approached us with an interesting idea. He has been using a Laser Comb that is actually FDA approved to regrow hair. Sounds too good to be true - but FDA approved? So we're looking into it. He is interested in distributing the comb through salons so we are in the investigatory phase of this endeavor. We ordered one of the combs ($500-ish) and have the husband of one of our massage therapists beta testing it. He will be logging his usage and we'll compare before and after photos. We'll know more in about 12 weeks...

Another client has approached us about tooth whitening. Tooth whitening in a salon? He says he's cleared it with our state dental board that it is not practicing dentistry. It's a system that uses some type of tray and gel and a $7,000 light. He was proposing providing the light for our use and sharing revenue for some length of time. I'm not sure this fits in with what we do, but then again, we are in the beauty industry.

There is one new line that we just added. We brought on luxury shaving line eShave ( It's a beautiful line of razors, shaving brushes and stands, plus great creams and lotions. We're hopeful that it will do well during the holidays. I brought home a starter kit to have my husband try shaving with a brush for the first time. He loves it! You get a much closer shave using a shaving brush than with regular shaving cream applied with the fingers.

About 18 months ago we added Dermalogica ( skincare to our product line up. Prior to that we did not have a skin care line. I'd say we've been moderately successful with the Derm line - definately more so since we brought on an esthetician full-time. She's a retailing machine!

Have a great retail idea? Let's hear it!


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  2. Cindy,
    How did the hair re-growth comb work out?