Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our First Leadership Meeting

Monday morning I got a call from the Salon Coordinator who was scheduled to open the shop. She was covered in hives and couldn't come in so I had to rush out to run the desk. Meanwhile, my 16 year old son was home from school with a 102 degree fever so I was stressed about leaving him alone. I called my Front Desk Manager who said she would shower and come in and we would cover the desk with unbooked technicians as needed.

But as luck would have it, Monday was the day of our inaugural leadership meeting. The meetings are totally voluntary and present an opportunity for anyone who's interested to have a say management of the business. So I missed the first one! Our Salon Manager Liz was there along with about six employees, which is pretty good turn-out I think. I'm still waiting to be fully briefed, but Liz left me a VM saying she thought it went great and she saw real signs of us being a true team!

One thing I know they covered was booking order - the column order we use in our appointment book for distributing the non-request clients. In the past booking order was based purely on sales. Since individual sales numbers are not a salon "growth factor" we don't want to continue booking on that basis. We've decided to switch to new client retention as a basis. Our new client retention (for stylists) runs about 37%-48% depending on the month. The average for all salons is about 30% so we are consistently better than average, but our goal is a very aggressive 60%. Our new priority for booking gives everyone a chance to be in that coveted left-hand column and will be added incentive to give every new guest that ultimate experience.

I'm sorry that I missed the first meeting, but at the same time, I wonder if maybe me not being there made it easier for them to step up and and be leaders.

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