Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sick Days

We've had a rough month for sick days. It seems like almost everyone was out for at least one day. I get very frustrated with the absenteism. I do believe that most of it is legitimate, but every now and then I wonder how sick some people really are when they don't come in. I mean, there are different levels of sick - some you should tough out for the sake of your clients and the salon. Other times, you belong home.

Years ago I worked for a hateful woman at a company where I always felt guilty if I missed work for any reason. I just got the feeling that she didn't really believe that I (or the kids) were sick. I resented her for that and I don't want to be that person - but sometimes I see her in me (shudder).

I've been blessed with healthy kids. Before yesterday, my son hadn't missed a day of school since 1998. My daughter has missed maybe 2 days this millennium. So I think maybe I forgot what it's like to have a sick kid at home. I'd forgotten the guilt of not being able to work, or feeling like you're letting someone down. I'd forgotten the guilt of feeling like you're not taking proper care of your child because you're worrying about work.

My son is still fighting a fever. I sent him to school today but that may have been a mistake and we may both be home again tomorrow. When I do go back to the salon, it will be with renewed empathy for sick employees and their families.

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