Monday, August 27, 2012

Isn't ON TIME self-explanatory?

Apparently saying that a team member must be on time is not self-explanatory. At our salon, ON TIME means at least 15 minutes prior to your shift. We explain this during the interview process and again during orientation. We stress that we do not tolerate lateness.

And yet, I just had to let a new (and talented) employee go because she couldn't get to work on time!!! I'm so frustrated by the whole thing I could scream. When you are late 3 times in your first week and are sternly admonished that this is not acceptable, then are late again in week 2 and are told "If you are late again during the next two weeks you can no longer work here" wouldn't you think most people would get their ass to work on time?

I feel like the first two weeks of work should be the honeymoon period. This is the time the new hire is going to try to make a good impression and will be putting her best foot forward. That's why if we have such a big issue with tardiness in the first few weeks we just cut our losses and move on. It's not realistic to think it will get better over time.

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