Saturday, July 14, 2012

Second Chances

I got a call today from a candidate wanting to know the status of her application. I did not recall seeing her application so I looked her up in our tracking system (part of Millennium). To my surprise, I found that she had applied for a position back in 2010, had completed a first interview and been scheduled for a technical interview where she would demonstrate her cutting skills on a model.
The notes indicated that she no-showed on the technical interview. No call - no show.
I calmly explained that our records indicate that we spoke with her a couple of years ago and she did not show up for her second interview so she was not eligible for hire. "Well, can't you give me, like, a second chance?" Short answer - No.
Lesson for owners - keep track of all applicants (the bad ones seem to keep popping up)
Lesson for applicants - don't burn bridges with unprofessional behavior. Had she called and cancelled because she decided to pursue another opportunity, we could have continued our conversation this time around.
Salon owners - Do you have a big problem with applicants no-showing for interviews?

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