Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Picture This

Where to get photos for your website

The photos and artwork you choose for your website say a lot about your company. Make sure you're  making the best impression possible with high-quality photographs.

It's great to have photos of your salon's interior or photos of your work, but if the quality of the photos is amateurish, you're giving your viewers an unprofessional impression. If it's not in your budget to pay for professional photography maybe you can trade services.

Another source is royalty-free photos that you can find online. There are some totally free sources like freedigitalphotos.net and some that are not free but very affordable. I use www.istockphoto.com for website images and marketing materials when our inhouse photos aren't appropriate. Getty Images is another source.

Before you buy, make sure you know what size/quality you need. Higher resolution photos cost more - lower resolution will be fine for many uses, but if you're making a banner or doing something else large you may need to spring for the larger file.

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