Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Excuses!

When I'm faced with an uncomfortable task I sometimes have the tendency to procrastinate. Of course, at the time I don't identify it as procrastination - I have perfectly good reasons why I should wait!

I'm ashamed to say that for almost five years I've made excuses not to terminate a problem employee. I have documentation going back to 2005 where we discussed the areas she needed to work on. On some level I've always known she had to go. But there was always a reason to keep her. Here are some of my rationalizations:

  • we'll be short-staffed without her

  • she's a talented stylists (we can fix her)

  • I like her

  • we've had so many changes lately it will freak the team out

  • she's so-and-so's best friend and that would put her at risk of leaving too

I could go on...

So two of my managers just came from a leadership class with a to-do list. Number one on the list was "Terminate Becky-Lou" (not her real name - duh). I was ready for them with reasons why it was not a good time to do it. They held their ground. I terminated her. Whew! It's like clean, fresh breeze just blew through the salon! We're not experiencing noticeable client loss and the rest of the team is a lot happier.

Two lessons -

  2. Develop leaders in your salon and value their opinions


  1. I need some advice. About going into partnership. Any ideas?

  2. Cindy,

    I just found your blog and love some of your ideas. I'd love to tap into your expertise on some issues I am having, would you be open to an email conversation? If so, please email me at

  3. Your are absolutely right here. You have pointed out the real picture of procrastination where we should not compromise.
    thanks for taking the time to write it.


    Zee Mathews – The Salon Managers Academy