Saturday, January 10, 2009

You Can't Save Them All

My team is pretty close-knit. We like each other and many of the "young folks" spend a lot of time together outside of work. When one person is going through a tough time, the others are there to support them. We've seen staff through break-ups, miscarriages, divorce, unhealthy relationships, death and more. Unfortunately, you can't save them all.

We have a stylist with us now who is clearly in an emotionally abusive relationship. Several of us have spoken to her about it. Girls who have been in abusive relationships have shared their stories and noted the similarities. We've promised her support if she chooses to leave him. She went with him to California after Christmas to meet his family and she came back engaged. He is in the army and is relocating to another state in two weeks. She is going with him. We are her only support system and he is succeeding in isolating her from us. The salon is in mourning for her because we can't help her. She's a beautiful, smart, funny, lovely girl and she's totally under his control. I told her that I will send her a plane ticket home if she's ever ready, but beyond that I don't know what else we can do.

If anyone has suggestions for us, please post them.

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  1. That is very sad! I have been in her shoes.. It's hard because some of us believe that this is all we will get and she will not leave until she can realize what a bad situation she is in.. And I think that will happen when he hurts her worse then ever before.. Does she admit there is a problem? Until she can admit it to herself, she will see no wrong in him.. As much as it hurts you to see this happen to her, you have to let her make that call.. I just hope that she can realize it before he gets too out of control.. My ex left me and our child locked in a trailer for weeks.. In someone's back yard.. When he beat me up and took off with our son.. That's when I opened my eye's.. I will pray for her everyday...