Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reaching a Milestone

For as long as I've owned my salon I have wanted to offer benefits to my team. Unfortunately, the money just wasn't there.

If you have read my blog you probably know that about a year ago my salon converted to Team Based Pay. TBP takes the focus off the individual and puts it on the salon. Everyone working toward a common goal leads to salon growth and more security for everyone. I'm thrilled to say that I just implemented a paid maternity leave policy! (I know my friends in Canada are required by law to provide paid leave, but in the States the vast majority of salons do not offer benefits.)

Currently two team members are expecting. One works the front desk, the other is our busiest stylist. Today another stylist announced that she, too, is expecting! All of us are thrilled for our expectant colleagues and I know we can meet the challenge of taking care of all our guests while they are out AND paying them while they're gone.

This is a huge milestone for my salon. Everyone has worked hard to implement the systems that drive salon growth and this is a significant reward for that hard work!

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