Saturday, May 24, 2008

Booking Order

Every salon needs to determine how to assign non-request appointments and walk-ins. In our salon we always work across the book left to right. Once a month we change the booking order based on our retention reports.

We decided that New Client Retention is the basis on which we want to allocate non-requests. We want the individuals with the highest New Client Retention to get appointments first because they have the best chance of keeping them coming back.

Our staff likes this methodology because everyone gets a chance to be on the left side of the book. Booking by seniority can be frustrating to the newer stylists, plus the long-timer may get lax and not put forth her best effort to keep guests coming back.

To calculate New Client Retention, our software looks at all the guests coming in for the first time in a particular month, then it looks forward 90 days to see how many of them returned. So when we set up our appointment book for June, we will be looking at February new clients to see how many of them returned in March, April, or May.

By the way, if you switch to a method like this, the old-timers may not like it, but it will light a fire under them. And remember, if they don't have the passion anymore - if they aren't interested in growing the business - then maybe you've outgrown them.


  1. That's an interesting way, I hadn't thought of that...We have been doing it like this...when a call comes in, we ask first if they have someone they have been reccommended to, if not the we ask them what time would suit them and whoever is available that person gets it...if 2 people have something free, we try to take the less busier of the seems to even out pretty equally..but then again we only have 5 girls (soon to be 7 I think:)

    Well I have really enjoyed browsing through your blog, I found it by searching ideas on commissioned based rates...I have one girl at 50% and am thinking of hiring another, she is a friend and previous coworker and i like her alot, she is asking for more commission...I would only go to 55% and no more...I just don't get how she thinks she should get more than me and how it shouldn't be equal...ayayaya....

    anyway, I have bookmarked you and will check in to see how the different pay scale is going:) it sounds very interesting:)

  2. Loved this idea for booking order. We are looking for ways to reward and motivate our staff and this seemed like something we could do right away. Thank you!