Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Marketing in a Box

When Carol Phillips, a salon consultant, visisted our salon in January, she spoke about telling your story throughout the salon. What she means by this is that you have a consistent way to get your message across. Say you're doing a Mother's Day promotion (which we wouldn't do since we're a men's salon, but it's a good example), we would maybe print out a sign and put it by the front desk, set up a nice display, and remind all the stylists to talk to their clients about the promotion. We might even have little 4x6 frames at the stations.

If we did it Carol's way, we would have coordinated marketing pieces throughout the salon: shelf talkers by the retail products, counter promotions, wall posters, mirror clings, website changes and maybe something for the client to pick up and take with them. Everything would be professionally designed and printed. Carol's company (www.encompassone.com) does this for salons. They consult with you to prepare a promotion calendar for the year, then mail you a box of promotional materials at the appropriate time. Of course you get to approve all the artwork prior to completion.

I love the idea, but it's a little pricey for me. (I think it was in the $1,500 per month range, with a one year commitment plus a set-up fee).

Whether this is a service you can afford or not, you can still learn from it. Tell your story, front to back, professionally and consistently. Maybe there is a local printer that can do the artwork and printing for you for a lot less. Maybe you can trade salon services for graphic design and printing.

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  1. I recently tried to contact Encompassone.com for a consultation. I have to say that Carol was the most arrogant unprofessional person I've had the chance to speak to. She promised to email items which she never did. I emailed and called her office my calls were never returned and she had the nerve to tell me that my Company wasn't important because there is nothing that I could show her that she hasn't seen before.