Thursday, March 27, 2008

Update on the Hair Max Laser Comb

A reader asked me to report back on the success of the Laser Comb. The Laser Comb is FDA approved to regrow hair. We purchased one and sent it home with one of our massage therapists for her husband's use. He used it as directed for three months and reported his findings.

The before and after pictures clearly show an increase in the amount of hair! Our subject reported that it was easy to use (he kept the comb by his favorite TV-watching chair) and he was happy with the results. His wife also used it and noticed thickening of her hair. I'll try to get his before and after pics posted.

The unit retails for $545.

Some manufacturers of laser combs also have salon versions so you can sell packages of salon treatments. We are researching the various options. One idea we came up with is to have a program where a client can rent a laser comb for a three month period. At the end of the three months, a portion of the rent could apply to purchase.

You can learn more about the Hair Max Laser Comb at


  1. Sorry, but you are mistaken, the Lasercomb is FDA cleared for the "promotion of hair growth" not FDA approved to regrow hair, I know you want potential customers to believe that those two phrases mean the same thing, but they don't. Promote hair growth could mean anything, does it mean that my hair looks fuller and thicker, does it mean that it will increase my hair counts? No where in the FDA 510k clearance letter (k060305) does it mention any increased hair counts in subjects, I believe the term that was used was "increased mean terminal density", but again that could just mean that the hair volume increased. Also, does Lexington (the manufacturer of the Hairmax Lasercomb) ever state on their website that what you have just said the answer is no becuase that would be misbranding which would lead to the Lasercomb's clearance being revoked.

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for your comment. I should have updated the information sooner, as I have learned more since the original post. You are correct.

    The FDA "approves" drugs and "clears" medical devices. The FDA did clear this device for the promotion of hair growth.

    The FDA document can be viewed at:

    The term "terminal density" refers to the density (count) of terminal hairs, which are basically, thick hairs versus thin, wispy hairs (vellus hairs).

    Before and after photos from the clinical trial are viewable at The magnified images include a count of the hairs. On average there was an increase of 19 terminal hairs per square centimeter.

    The clinical trials have scientifically shown increased hair counts. The real question is are these results cosmetically significant. Is a 10% or even 20% increase in terminal hairs signifiant cosmetic improvement? I think that is for each individual to decide. If a man can use a laser comb and essentially stop the progression of his hair loss, he may be perfectly happy with that, even if he doesn't regrow a full head of hair.

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