Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My blog has been getting a lot of comments lately and I want to thank everyone who takes the time to contribute!

As salon owners we are our own greatest resource! Let's share ideas and help each other be successful!


  1. Hi there-- thanks so much for this blog. Its great to see that some challenges are common across the industry! Below you talk about Too Much Too Fast. Can you expand on the Cash Flow Plan you set up and how it differed from what you were doing? Have the changes been successful?

  2. Cindy, I'd like to share an idea for salon owners who are looking to supplement shop income by selling items such as luxury creams and lotions, handmade soaps, etc., perhaps even jewelry. Most salon owners are way to busy to spare the time to go and search these items out. Finding them at wholesale prices can be time-consuming, and buying items without sampling them first can be risky. Boutique Boxes ( solves both of these problems. For $24.95 (shipping included in price) you can receive a sample box filled with samples of the items listed above and more. You will receive contact information for the supplier of each item. All suppliers participating in the Boutique Boxes are offering products at wholesale to small business owners. You can get these samples for far less than the cost of ordering them separately, even if all you had to pay was postage. You will also have the security of having seen the actual product before buying for your salon. Please encourage your readers to visit us and find out more. Thanks!