Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sales Training

We brought in a retail sales expert Monday to do a class on Sales Killers and Sales Builders. The class was conducted by Carol Phillips of Encompass One. Carol is an expert on retailing in the salon and spa business.

I knew that Carol would be consulting with us on retailing in general (placement of products, lines carried, retail displays, etc.) but she was more thorough than I expected! Carol walked through our salon with a fresh eye and offered advice on everything from signage to sanitation. She is an expert on branding and had several ideas on how to "tell our story" throughout the salon. For instance, she pointed out that our massage therapy rooms are not "branded" in any way. Aside from the therapist's business cards, there is nothing with our logo anywhere in the room. She recommended a paint color change in our manicure room, sound system upgrades in our spa and artwork changes throughout.

I must admit, some of it was hard to hear! It was all constructive criticism (and that is what we paid her for!), but you hate to hear someone call your baby ugly! Actually I appreciate her honesty and insight and feel like implementing some of her ideas will make us even better.

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