Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Giving Credit where Credit is Due

To jump start our retail we have split the salon into teams and started a retail contest. Everyone is on a team, whether they are Front Desk or a Technician. The contests really do fire people up and get those competitive juices flowing, but it also creates a problem...

When a sale is a team effort, who gets credit? Tonight a stylist introduced a product line to a client then walked him up to the front desk and left him with the Salon Coordinator to close the deal. She had another client waiting and had to move on. The client ended up purchasing over $160 of luxury shaving products. And, of course, the stylist and salon coordinator are on different teams for the contest. Who gets credit? We're not a commission salon, but if we were that would be another question - who earns the commission?

It's hard to play like ONE team, when you subdivide into smaller teams. I think we're going to have to go with some type of dual credit for contest purposes. I'm going to take this one to the team at the Monday meeting and see what they think.

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