Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Kid on the Block

Our salon has 17 employees, all women. They're a very close-knit group. They socialize a lot outside of work and consider each other family. The tricky part is bringing in a new employee. It's just such a close-knit group, it's hard for the new kid to feel accepted. Sometimes I think the existing employees are really unfair to the new girl, finding fault with everything. Maybe they feel threatened - I really don't know.

If other salon owners or managers have experienced this and have some advice to offer, I'd love to hear it! We're getting ready to hire someone and I want to do everything in my power to make it work.

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  1. Not a salon owner but my sister is.I've given her a few tips that worked. To ensure that the"SALON FAMILY" welcomes and accepts the"NEWBIE, "Announce to the existers that they can earn rewards at the end of the "NEWBIES" probationary period based on the"NEWBIE" KEEPING A JOURNAL THAT RECORDED WHICH OPERATORS MADE THEM FEEL AS IF HE/SHE IS PART OF THE "FAMILY" BY NOTATING THE "DEEDS,POINTERS,TIPS ETC.)GIVE POINTS FOR EACH ACTION,THE STYLIST WITH THE MOST POINTS GETS THE REWARD. THEN CELEBRATE THE COMPLETION OF THEIR PROBATION WITH A PARTY FOR ALL.This should be a win/win situation.